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Michelle Weissman is an award winning photographer hailing from the Northeast Ohio region. She is a graduate of Kent State University's Photo Illustration program, where she received extensive training in various areas of photography as well as design.  Michelle's thorough knowledge of lighting and equipment, photo styling skills, and proficiency with retouching make her a valuable asset on a wide variety of projects.  

She has a passion for commercial photography and photo manipulation, particularly, digital composites.  In addition, Michelle takes great pride in her retouching ability, a process that she finds just as exciting being behind the lens.  Michelle views the unique challenges of each project to be one of the most stimulating components of photography.  She believes that discovering solutions to these problems is one of the many rewarding experiences for a photographer.

She is a partner of the AAF-Akron and a member of the American Society of Media Photographers.

Michelle is available for photography and retouching assignments and as an assistant.  Please contact her for inquiries and more information.

Contact: mweissmanphoto@gmail.com


Awards and Recognitions:


  • 2018 AAF Akron Golden ADDY recipient.